The Gold American Pocket Watches of the Nashua Watch Company

The chief executive officer of Heritage Management Services in San Francisco, California, Craig Duling is an avid collector of antique American pocket watches. One of the rarest timepieces in Craig Duling’s collection is a gold pocket watch made by the Nashua Watch Company.

The movement of this particular watch is top notch and better yet, its original components are untouched. The dial is also in impeccable shape. The only observable flaw is that the watch’s case is slightly worn. However, the value of the Nashua watch is not solely rooted in its relatively good condition, but also has something to do with its history. With over 40 years of experience when it comes to collecting timepieces, Mr. Duling knew that the Nashua Watch Company produced only four pocket watches with 20-size keywind keyset movements. In addition, the Nashua Watch Company employed Nelson P. Stratton, one of the most prominent innovators in the field of horology, further increasing the value of the watches that they made.