A Story to share

Challenges are never ending as you attempt to achieve goals of nourishing, developing and enhancing passions. My visions to empower children, families and the local communities comes to fruition when observing them surrounded with nature and animals. Especially, the horses taking residence at the Equine Rescue Center (ERC).

Throughout my journeys, I have met and fundraised alongside many charitable organizations. None have showcased second chances or personal dedication the way Monica Hardeman and her rescue ERC organization have. For some time now I have been aiding the ERC to develop a workable business plan as they are struggling to meet the rising costs of their sanctuary. Preserving the property forever as a horse sanctuary is the goal.

Though struggling, they are still able to provide these creatures with exceptional care. The long drought and soaring costs of hay have led to a glut of unwanted and neglected horses and others bound to Mexico for slaughter. The lucky ones end up at the ERC, which is now caring for 85 horses. The property’s current water resources could save the ERC if they can raise the money to put in a portable irrigation system. That would allow the center to grow its own forage and drastically reduce the hay bill.

It’s been over a year since ABC Channel 7 News viewers stepped in to help facilitate the rescue of more than 30 starving and abused horses. The sickest of those horses were taken in by the ERC because other rescue organizations were not up for the challenge. With my own eyes, I have seen the amazing recovery of these beautiful animals and have also had the privilege of being featured in a follow-up story on those same horses’ progress.  The story also touched on the how the ERC struggles to keep its bills paid. A story I want to continue to share.