Four Tips to Avoid Purchasing a Fake Rolex

The chairman of the board of Heritage Management Services, Craig Duling possesses nearly four decades of experience in collecting antique pocket watches. He shares his passion for timepieces through the website, where he provides a variety of information. Craig Duling also helps consumers and fellow collectors identify fake brand pocket watches. The following tips can help you to avoid purchasing a fake Rolex Submariner.

1. Research the manufacturing process. Familiarizing yourself with the manufacturing process for an authentic Rolex can help you to identify fake watches by helping you spot inconsistencies and disparities. For instance, Rolex uses the highest grade of stainless steel and does not engrave its name and crown logo on the caseback.

2. Know your dealer. Get to know the dealer or seller you intend to purchase from and consider the ones that offer a guarantee of authenticity first. You can also conduct research on their reputation and experiences with past customers.

3. Avoid secondhand dealers. While you may find reputable dealers through secondhand platforms such as Craigslist or eBay, these platforms cannot take responsibility for fraudulent merchandise. While purchasing from a recognized dealer may cost more, it will also ensure that you receive an authentic timepiece.

4. Test water-resistance claims. Rolex tests all of its watches for water resistance up to 300 meters before putting them on the market, so feel free to conduct a test of your own watch if a dealer says it is waterproof. Manufacturers of fake Rolex watches will not take the time to test their products. Remember that a genuine Rolex is waterproof.

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